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SME development is a global concern, not only to businesses themselves, but also to industry organizations and governments worldwide.  Our inter-connected world creates both opportunity and risk that can be managed through careful analysis, an expert global contact network and diligent management.

For this reason we work with both domestic and international businesses as well as governments seeking to develop global trade.

Business Solutions

Running a business is not easy. With ONS Projects, you can access our expertise at all stages from concept to the hard realities of cash flow and investors.   Market research, business and investment planning, mentoring, distribution networks, sales and administrative support can be provided as required. Government and non-profit organizations can also benefit from our match-making and international trade mission support services.

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We are a specialized services firm that can support key projects with the right expertise at the right time.  Our practical experience ranges from manufacturing operation start-ups to economic development and trade mission services.  We have "been there, done that" when it comes to growing businesses.      

Our Staff

Real economic activity comes from companies who develop and sell goods and services.  We help high growth businesses commercialize their technology in international markets, whether it be through access to investment, market research or distribution systems.  The final results are always measured by return on money invested.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make tangible results happen, including sales, investment, and commercialization for SME's.   Technology transfer is not good enough, our world needs innovative products and services brought to market in order to succeed for the future. Sustainable and clean technologies, agribusiness, and life sciences are our focus.

Our Vision

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ONS Projects Inc.

Allied Professionals

Our 30 years in international business have helped us develop a worldwide network of contacts in virtually every discipline.  We support businesses in accelerating their growth by bringing together the right people for the job.

Our network includes manufacturing, marketing, and sales expertise in many different sectors, both in Canada and internationally.  We have linkages to investment funds and can make introductions for high growth opportunities.

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Blair Poetschke

Years of experience: 30


  • SME startup & development
  • International trade
  • Angel investment
  • Organizational management


A successful entrepreneur with a track record of business start-ups and exits, plus past experience as a management consultant with Ernst & Young and as Director of Trade for the Province of Ontario.  As a business owner he understands the priorities of growing a manufacturing business internationally and is highly experienced in setting up distribution and sales systems throughout the world.  He brings this focus to his work with our clients, helping them to ensure they generate measurable returns on their investment.

Jana Poetschke

Years of experience: 20


  • Organizational systems
  • Administration
  • Financial management
  • ERP implementation


Co-Founder of two successful international manufacturing enterprises, she has significant experience in working with international clients and related market barriers such as tariffs, regulatory issues, foreign banking, and cultural differences.  As a business owner she understands first hand the need to develop a company's internal infrastructure and systems to match its sales growth and market demands.